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// Branding Or Marketing

New brand position, brand extension, reorientation of markets, new markets.

// Branding Or Marketing

At MAAHABH, we help your company to brand or rebrand your designated markets and customer base – new brand position, brand extension, market refocusing, new markets. First, we analyze all your projects and emphasize your current marketing efforts. To analyze and study the following, you define the new or projected branding of your company:

Present Vision and Mission statements

To decipher your company targets, markets, marketing strategies, and customer base, MAAHABH would examine your vision and mission statements.


Which values reflect the products and services of your company. New values will be added or existing values re-oriented.

Opportunities and Threats

The chances and threats to the company are external. Digitoze helps you to seize possibilities and protect yourself from threats. Knowing what opportunities and threats the company faces help brand decisions in many respects.

Products and Services

Products and Services are the results and what you sell to your target customers and buyers. We will examine their characteristics, served markets, and customer values.

To define a branding strategy that is suited for your company,MAAHABH develops a matrix of vision and mission statements, values, opportunities and threats, and products.

The new branding, product expansion, fire extension, brand development, new brands, brand growth, and brand sponsorships help your organization to achieve branding.

Brand your firm into a new Avatar, MAAHABH. A new image reflecting all your products and services.

Brand Positioning

Brand position defines the company’s complex program to position itself and its companies on the market in the interest of stabilizing competition, gaining new customers, retaining loyal customers, expanding into new markets, generating revenue, and generating profits. Your company’s survival today depends in great part on the brand positioning strategies you implement to meet your customers and generate profits for your key actors, both externally and internally.

At MAAHABH, we study the business domain, values, heritage, characteristics, reflection, and assets of your company to achieve a brand position.


MAAHABH would study your business field and place your brand in the business field. Competitors are thoroughly studied for their competitive advantages and the market disadvantages faced by your company.

The company’s business area clearly helps its brand to be in the customers’ eyes. The customer should immediately be aware of the brand name in regard to the company’s domain. For customers, this clarity of the business field is important to help them make informed decisions.


The Brand & Company’s values define its value and market value. When the brand always represents its values, customers always value these values. A “responsibility” for what he plans and claims could be one value. In other words, for all they claim, the company is responsible.

Before decisions and associations with the brand are taken, customers seek a certain value. In every automotive company, for instance, car customers search for “Safety” as a value.

At MAAHABH we help your company select, support, and reflect on the right values for your brands and products, and services.


Brands are based on heritage, tradition and legacy because they benefit from their history. And the brand should help current customers, in association with the past, to develop an affinity. Brands imitate and inculcate the success of past support in order to make a new impression in the markets and to succeed.

MAAHABH studies your company’s history, products and services and their associated market sales and values. And then build the legacy and tradition of your current brand.


The company must follow the brand name assets and their logo. It makes the business well-known on the market and associates its brand and logo with its customers. Facebook is so renowned in broad and open markets thanks to its company logo. The assets mirror the essence of the company. Shoot the logo and a long story with a punchline tell you: what’s the value of the company? How it delivers good products to customers are its goals and objectives.


Brands ought to develop their personality. Brands with strong personalities are partnered with customers. Rolex watches, for instance, are characterized by “Sophistication” and “Excitation” from Tesla Electric Car. The development of distinct individuals helps the company to stabilize and win the market from the competitors.


The reflection is the clear image of the brand built by the company in the minds of its customers. This distinguishes the company’s image from its competitors, for the picture is associated with it in particular. It shows that its brand is going to be as expected and meet expectations and exceed them.

Brand Name

The brand name to be identifiable both by customers as competitors are associated with companies and products. To strengthen the brand, a strong brand name is needed. A strong brand is rooted in strong branding strategies as an enterprise. Nike, Google, and Microsoft, and many other strong brands are examples.

We will help you to select and define your company’s brand name. A matrix of your values, mission, and vision statements will be developed. We are deliberating, talking, discussing, and conducting brainstorming to select an appropriate brand name.

Brand Development

Brands are not born but are grown around the company’s image and business domain. It is a lengthy and difficult process to develop the brand. It involves many efforts from the company’s side to identify the right segment of the market, create and publish the right product at the right time, etc.

Brand Sponsorship

Brands in their sponsorship scheme sponsor an event, person, activity, or organization. Add brand patronage of an event or activity as one of the marketing strategies to reach specific customers and the general public. Brand Sponsorship gives a massive boost to your customer base and your general market in terms of your products and services.


Branding is a complex exercise of brand positioning, brand sponsorship, brand design, and brand name amalgamation. Your company’s vision, tasks, values, and strengths, and weaknesses achieve this combination. Your company stakeholding – external and internal – supports the merging process (influences decisions and outcomes). And the fusion process culminates in an understanding of the client base and the target clients and their satisfaction and requirements.